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Industries and skills to look out for in the coming quarters

Amit ISF

Which would be the growing industries and skills to look out for in the coming Quarter?

As we have entered a new year, there are many lessons we have learnt individually and collectively due to Covid-19. The post Covid-19 world is a changed world and one where the new skill is being adaptive. This has surely impacted the way the world recruits’ people, but the impact is positive. Covid-19 has shown the world that ‘Work from Home’ is a feasible business model which can be adapted in most industries. 

It has also given ample opportunities for companies to explore other mediums like the use of AI, Machine Learning etc. This has been specially true for IT, Ed-Tech, E-Commerce companies which have realized the importance of inculcating these technologies for a smoother customer experience. 

Let us touch upon some of the skill sets needed in a post Covid-19 world:

Being Adaptive:

If there is a skill set which everyone should have in a post Covid-19 world, then that would be ‘Adaptability’. One cannot emphasize enough on the need to upskill & reskill. Why? Because it is simply the need of the hour. It is important to be digitally savvy, as businesses depend upon it. In a world where video calls have taken prominence, understanding the nuances of using that technology effectively is equally important. Be open to new technologies & ideas as this will help cement your position with your employers. 

Leadership Skills:

If there was a time to take the lead, it is NOW. With the kind of chaos that the world has been subject to post the pandemic, companies would greatly appreciate employees who showcase leadership qualities at crucial times. The ability to take the initiative has always been valued and now more so. Don’t just think it, Do It. 


Being Available to Your Peers: 

Everybody is sailing in the same boat, post the pandemic. But simple gestures like understanding or listening to your peers/colleagues/managers will greatly help your position. One must understand that even if one is working from home, there are many personal commitments that one has to attend to. Taking care of each other’s work and being responsible for each other will make work smoother and improve efficiency. 

There have been many sectors which have seen an incredible growth during lockdown like IT, Healthcare, Education, Ed-Tech, OTT, Cybersecurity, etc. These industries have not only adapted quickly to the pandemic but have also used AI & Machine Learning to their advantage. 

The recruitment across industries has also changed and technology has enabled people to join companies in other cities without actually shifting to that city. This has been transformational for various reasons, as many employees can now ‘Work from Home’ without the hassles of shifting. 

The post pandemic world is a different world, but one that is closely connected and ready for change. The question is will you change with it? 

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