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WEC Resources

  • Social Impact Report 2022

    The World Employment Confederation is the voice of the private employment services industry at a global level, representing national federations as well as workforce solutions companies from across the world. Members of the World Employment Confederation represent a wide range of HR services, including agency work, direct recruitment, career management, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Managed Service Provider (MSP)

  • Global Labour Market Fact Sheet 2022

    This Labour Market Fact Sheet is developed by the World Employment Confederation, gathering statistics from various international organisations, such as the International Labour Organization (ILO), the World Bank and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

  • Economic Report 2022

    The Economic Report 2021 of the World Employment Confederation shows that the private employment services industry wherein multiple industries are  articulating in a speed of growth. Since 2021 agency work markets rapidly recovered from much of the losses from 2020.

  • Economic Report 2021

    The Economic Report 2021 of the World Employment Confederation shows that the private employment services industry stands ready to support businesses and workers in this crisis and in the recovery.

  • The Future of Jobs Report 2020

    The Future of Jobs Report provides the timely insights needed to orient labour markets and workers towards opportunity today and in the future of work.

    To download the report, click here

  • WEC 2020 Economic Report

    The Economic Report 2020 of the World Employment Confederation shows that private employment services faced an increasingly difficult operating environment in 2018 but nevertheless experienced positive growth in most of the segments. With a global turnover of €473 billion and nearly 58 million people placed in jobs, this continued growth demonstrates the need for the sector’s services and the positive value they bring to labour markets worldwide.

  • WEC 2019 Economic Report

    WEC has released 2019 Economic Report! With a recorded €457 billion of global sales revenue (13% year-on-year growth rate) and 53 million individuals placed in employment through a network of 165,000 agencies, indicators paint a satisfactory picture of our industry for 2017 and demonstrates how the services that our industry provides are increasingly sought after and contribute to positive labour market outcomes.

  • PAI Report - 2016

    PAI 2016 ranked the states of India on the basis of 10 broad themes, spread across 25 focus subjects and focusing on 68 individual indicators. The report also incorporates a study on Sentiment Analysis.


  • PAI Report - 2017

    PAI 2017 was similar to PAI 2016 and had 10 themes, 26 focus subjects and 82 indicators. It also included a new study on Inequality, which focuses on the extent of the gap existing between the various strata of society from an economic, social and gender perspectives.


  • Ciett PA Report - May 2013

    T he next ILO Interna tional Labour Conference (ILC) will take place from 5 to 20 June 2013, in Geneva. There will be 3 main discussion themes during the conference , and for each the ILO has prepared a background document. The themes are:

  • Ciett Public Affairs Report - April 2013

    A Ciett/Eurociett delegation including Annemarie Muntz (Eurociett President), Bettina Schaller (Adecco Group) , Even Hagelien (NHO, Norwegian member of Eurociett) and Sandro Pettineo (Ciett/Eurociett Policy Advisor) took part in the 9 th European Regional Meeting of the ILO, which took place on 8 – 11 April 2013 in Oslo, Norway.

  • Oslo declaration April 2013

    At our last Meeting, held in Lisbon in February 2009, we were in the midst of a severe economic crisis with rising unemploym ent, uncertainty and negative impacts on large numbers of workers and enterprises.

  • Ciett Public Affairs Report - March 2013

    The 201 3 Ciett Economic report is now available to download here . It provides a comprehensive overview of the private employment services across the world, with data collected from 43 countries across every region.

  • Adapting to change, (Courtesy: CIETT-BCG)

    How private employment services facilitate adaptation to change, better labour markets and decent work

  • 2013 02 01 - Ciett-Eurociett Response to the public consultation ERA

    Response to the public consultation on the draft guidance for the Employment & Recruitment Agencies Sector on implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

  • Ciett PA Report Feb 2013

    On 5 February 2013, Fred van Haasteren , Ciett President, and Sandro Pettineo , Ciett Policy Advisor , met with Beate Andrees , Head of Special Action Programme to Combat Forced Labour at the ILO Office , to discuss a proposal for an ILO project to ensure decent work in India, Nepal and Bangladesh .

  • Ciett Public Affairs Report - Oct 2012

    Several high – level presentations have been given by Ciett & Eurociett representatives in September and October 2012 to present and promote the “Way to work” positioning and messages, including national events in Italy, Finland and Brazil. The feedback received so far as been very positive.

  • Ciett Public Affairs Report - Sept 2012

    In early September, Eurociett published a comprehensive position paper to respond to the European Commission’s Communication “Towards a job – rich recovery”, which sets out the employment and social affairs priorities for the remaining term of the current European Co mmission.

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