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16th National Employment conference

16th National Employment conference



Staffing Employment Trends Report- Q3 23-24

Staffing Employment Trends Report- Q3 23-24


  • Indian Staffing Federation won an interim relief from Delhi High Court for its members to delink PF to Aadhar seeding compulsory for UAN Generation. While ISF stands to support the adhar linking to benefit millions of beneficiaries but the staffing industry has a unique joining cycle which needs to be addressed.

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  • A big success for Indian Staffing Industry-  The New licensing system, a joint effort of ISF and Ministry of Labour and Employment to bring regulation for Contract Staffing Industry along with the overall simplification of labour laws will reduce administrative hassles and bring ease of business for providing manpower.

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  • Indian Staffing Federation worked with ESIC, MolE to resolve the challenge of 30th July,20 ESIC notification for online remittances for ‘first time and new jobseekers’ within 3 days . The Notification required bank cheque leaves and mobile numbers upload on immediate basis for all new & first time jobseekers. ESIC modified the same with 2 months time to update due to pandemic.

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  • Rohit Naidu

    Whole Time Director, American Ruler Corporation Chief Executive Officer, IFORTIS WORLDWIDE

    What are the main business difficulties that a contractual staffing provider may help with to support an organization's expansion?

    Contractual staffing providers can help organizations overcome several business difficulties, especially during periods of expansion. Here are some of the main challenges they can assist with:

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  • Rachit Mathur

    Founder & CEO, Avenue Growth

    What key trends and developments are shaping the modern workplace, & how can organizations effectively adapt to these changes to remain competitive in attracting and retaining top talent?

    In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations must stay ahead of the curve to attract and retain top talent. The modern workplace has undergone significant transformations, driven by factors such as technological advancements, changing employee expectations, and the global pandemic.

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  • Mr Aditya Narayan Mishra

    MD & CEO of CIEL HR

    What are the key benefits for a Corporate to use Flexi Staffing company to fill employment gaps?

    Flexi Staffing empowers businesses to adjust their workforce based on demand, preventing fixed cost increases. It applies to both general and professional staffing. With the world growing more digital, companies such as E-commerce, logistics and Quick commerce are rapidly emerging.

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  • Ranjit Khompi

    Head HR, Reliance Power Electronics Limited

    Increasing difficulty in matching supply and demand for jobs; how can companies go beyond?

    India is growing at a rapid pace and at the same time, technological advancements and insufficient skills are deterrents to talent availability.

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  • Shaleen Manik

    Chief Human Resources Officer, Transsion holding (G- Mobile Device Pvt. Ltd.)

    What are critical changes that are impacting the world of work?

    The world of work is currently experiencing significant transformation, driven by technological advancements, economic shifts, and changing employee preferences. Conventional employment models are yielding ground to more fluid & dynamic arrangements, including remote work,

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  • Mridul Srivastava

    Chief People Officer Shyam Spectra Pvt Ltd

    What are the key challenges of a corporate that a Flexi Staffing company can fill gaps to compliment the growth of an organisation?

    Indian corporates operate in a dynamic and competitive business environment, every day they face facing unique challenges and unsolved problems that demand innovative solutions. As most of the organizations strive for growth and success, they encounter practical obstacles related to talent acquisition, cost management,

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  • Praful Yerwankar

    Director & CEO Sourceitt

    Growing challenge in employment demand – supply, how can organisations think beyond?

    First of all,let us accept that there is a genuine gap between demand and supply and it keeps on increasing every single day. To understand the above we have to look at two things; 1. The labour participation rate and 2. Participation of women labour workforce.

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  • Viswanath Pudukkod

    (MD & CEO) Randstad India Pvt. ltd. Corporate Member , Indian Staffing Federation

    India's evolving job market: Hits and Misses

    As a leader in the world’s largest talent company, India’s evolving job market excites me tremendously. Over the years, we have seen a huge transformation in India’s employment scenario. Opening up of the Indian economy across sectors, emphasis on indigenous manufacturing, increase in capital expenditure,

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  • Sandeep Kaur

    Executive Director, Integrated Personnel Services Limited

    Which would be the growing industries and skills to look out for in the coming Quarter?

    India is predicted to have one of the greatest growth rates among the major economies. And on course to become the world's third-largest economy by 2027, overtaking Japan and Germany, and to have the world's third-largest stock market by 2030,

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  • Viswanath PS

    MD & CEO, Randstad India

    With the growing challenge in the employment demand-supply, how can organizations think beyond?

    Today, India has become the world's fifth-largest economy, overtaking Britain and we feel extremely proud to have achieved this momentous milestone. India’s growth can be attributed to its conscious policy reforms including liberalization of the Indian economy, a huge consumption driven domestic market and investment in infrastructure to attract global companies.

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  • Aditya Narayan Mishra

    Director and CEO, CIEL HR

    How steps can organizations take keeping in mind the existing challenges in the employment demand and supply?

    The current employment scenario is undergoing a lot of unprecedented changes, owing to the current geopolitical situations resulting in the economic slowdown.

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  • Rohit More

    Director,Growel Softech Private Limited

    What in your opinion does the current IT job market look like?

    We saw the pandemic compel businesses to move online, Indian enterprises somersaulted into their digital transformation plans. The overnight digital pivot propelled the need for tech talent across all categories of companies. Since the beginning of 2020, the hiring spurt in the tech sector refuses to decline.

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  • Mr. Yeshab Giri

    Chief Commercial Officer, Staffing, RT Perm & Randstad Technologies, Randstad India.

    Which would be the growing industries and skills to look out for in the coming Quarter?

    India is expected to grow at around 7.2% in FY 2023 despite being in the recovery phase post the Covid-19 pandemic and at the same time, witnessing the global headwinds of inflation owing to the Russia-Ukraine war.

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  • Manu Saigal

    Director at Adecco India Pvt Ltd, Corporate Member, ISF

    Latest trends impacting Staffing Industry ?

    With post-pandemic life slowly returning to normal both organizations and workers are now adjusting and adapting to the new realities and challenges. These challenges are creating opportunities to make positive changes that will sustain well into the future and improve the workplace experience for all.

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  • Thammaiah BN

    Managing Director at PERSOLKELLY India Pvt. Ltd., Corp. Member, ISF

    Latest trends impacting Staffing Industry ?

    There is a lot in the world of workforce. Talent availability seems to be a common challenge across industries and as seen from PERSOLKELLY 2021 APAC workforce insights report. The market for skilled digital Talent is especially highly competitive due to Tech adoption and digitization which resulted in a rise in demand for skilled Talent.

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  • Chandrakiran Tambe

    Managing Director at Datamatics Staffing Services Ltd., , Member, ISF

    As the pandemic resets major work trends, How IT- Staffing industry leaders need to rethink employee planning, management, performance and long term growth strategies ?

    As all of us in the organized and the unorganized sectors across industry sectors gingerly enter Q3 of the FY 21-22, and as the threat of Wave 3 of Covid steadily diminishes.

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  • Jaynarayan Tiwari

    Chairman & Founder at BayLeaf HR Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Member, ISF

    How changing of the mind set in temporary staffing industry will change the economy?

    The Recruitment Industry has always been responsible for infusing fresh talent in organizations which are constantly evolving according to changing times. However, the pandemic has been a game changer for many businesses. Some have benefitted, while some have plummeted.

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  • Ashish Talwar

    MD, Weavings Manpower Solutions

    How formalisation of the temporary staffing industry will impact the economy?

    The world is perfectly ‘imperfect’. Covid-19 pandemic has only accentuated this fact as millions of people lost jobs around the world. India too was hit hard as the raging pandemic forced lockdowns across the states as a result of which over 10 million jobs were lost in India. Out of this, the biggest chunk of people who lost jobs was the temporary staff across the industries.

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  • R.P Yadav

    Board Member, Indian Staffing Federation

    Formalization of the informal sector must be the top priority of Budget 2021

    All eyes are going to be set on the upcoming Union Budget 2021, as this will be the first budget to be presented post the arrival of the pandemic.

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  • Farhan Azmi

    Vice President Indian Staffing Federation (Founder, MD, Futruz Staffing Services)

    How Unlock 4.0 Boost the Hiring Process of Temporary Jobs in India in this Pandemic?

    Contractual workers were the first ones to suffer tremendously when the economic downturn occurred due to the pandemic. So, when temporary job seekers fear that the recession could substantially affect the hiring process of temporary jobs, the concern is entirely justified.

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  • Lohit Bhatia

    President - Indian Staffing Federation
    (President - Workforce Management, Quess Corp)

    Role of Staffing Industry in the Time of Covid19

    Indian Staffing Industry (ISF) today, represents nearly 100 member companies with 1 million associates that comprise the backbone of Indian clients and companies. Staffing in itself today represents livelihood for over 3.3 million workforce, of which ISF provides appropriate and compliant wage, statutory benefits

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  • Narayan Bhargava

    Board Member - Indian Staffing Federation
    (Director, Calibehr Business Support Services PL)

    Role of Staffing Industry in the Time of Covid19

    The future of any industry whether it is product or services depends on
    A) usefulness of the product or service
    B) Commerccial viability of the product or service
    C) continues improvement in the product/ service

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  • Pramod Pachisia

    Board Member - Indian Staffing Federation
    (COO, 2 Coms Consulting PL)

    Role of Staffing Industry in the Time of Covid19

    The Staffing industry in India is on a full swing growth will continue to grow. The Indian economy and the internal consumption and growth or new economy as we can call it, has been driving the staffing industry and should continue to see strong growth.

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  • Somnath Banerjee

    Board Member - Indian Staffing Federation
    (Director, Orion Corporate Alliance PL)

    Role of Staffing Industry in the Time of Covid19

    We can’t change the direction of the wind, but we can adjust the sails”-This quote is close to my heart and I feel apt to be adopted in the uncertainty we are witnessing due to COVID 19. Staffing industry in India has been growing at supersonic speed in the last few years and is poised to grow at 22.7% to reach 6.1 million workforce by 2021

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  • Simin Askari

    VP Corporate HR, DS Group

    Shared her views on What are the key challenges of a corporate that a Flexi Staffing company can fill gaps to compliment the growth of an organisation?

    Flexi staffing is a boon to corporates, as it enables them to adapt to seasonal, structural and cyclical changes in the labour market.

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  • Sy Siddiqui

    Chief Mentor Maruti Suzuki India

    Shared his views on "How is Flexi Staffing bringing a new dimension to the workforce planning in your industry sector?"

    flexi staffing enabling higher deployment flexibility to either upscale or downscale manufacturing operations with a shorter lead time.

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