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  • Indian Staffing

    Federation pursuing EPFO to delink PF to Aadhar seeding compulsory for UAN Generation

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  • Indian Staffing Federation with persistent efforts with Ministry of Labor & Employment (Central) has been able to move the CLRA Amendment on National License for staffing companies to reduce administrative hassles to procure license to provide manpower

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  • Indian Staffing Federation working on the 4th Labor Code of Occupational, Health and Safety for inclusion of current CLRA Amendment

    Indian Staffing Federation through its regulatory committee is working on the 4th Code where CLRA will be merged.

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  • Lohit Bhatia

    President - Indian Staffing Federation
    President - Workforce Management, Quess Corp

    Role of Staffing Industry in the Time of Covid19

    Indian Staffing Industry (ISF) today, represents nearly 100 member companies with 1 million associates that comprise the backbone of Indian clients and companies. Staffing in itself today represents livelihood for over 3.3 million workforce, of which ISF provides appropriate and compliant wage, statutory benefits, employment contracts and benefits of insurances and growth.

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  • Farhan Azmi

    VP - Indian Staffing Federation
    Founder & MD of Futurz Staffing Solutions

    Role of Staffing Industry in the Time of Covid19

    We are currently facing one of the most massive pandemics of all time. The talks of a recession hitting the market hard have already begun and people fear tomorrow. But I believe that you cannot base the failure of tomorrow on the problems of today.

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  • Simin Askari

    VP Corporate HR, DS Group

    Shared her views on What are the key challenges of a corporate that a Flexi Staffing company can fill gaps to compliment the growth of an organisation?

    Flexi staffing is a boon to corporates, as it enables them to adapt to seasonal, structural and cyclical changes in the labour market.

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  • Shiv Nath Ghosh

    Country Director and Sr. Vice President- Artech Infosystems (India)

    Shared his views on "What factors will be driving growth for IT staffing in 2019? "

    As the current government accelerates its agenda of job creation by bringing in foreign investments, staffing companies will step in to facilitate this process.

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  • Thammaiah BN

    MD Kelly Services India

    What are the critical reforms that are required to make ‘Staffing’ a choice of employment?

    The Staffing industry is evolving at a fast pace. However, there is room for improvement and creating more value to the community we serve. The sector needs to create more opportunities across skill levels and needs to further focus on career growth for their employees

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  • Sy Siddiqui

    Chief Mentor Maruti Suzuki India

    Shared his views on "How is Flexi Staffing bringing a new dimension to the workforce planning in your industry sector?"

    flexi staffing enabling higher deployment flexibility to either upscale or downscale manufacturing operations with a shorter lead time.

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  • Judhajit Das

    ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Pvt. Ltd.

    Shared his views on "How flexi staffing is coming as a benefit to your company?"

    He said flexi staffing helps in mitigating short term temp needs of the organisattion wherein Staffing companies arranges the additional workforce and

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  • Robin Thomas

    Director Operations, IMS One World

    Shared top 6 IT skills to be looked out in 2017

    1. Cloud & Distributed Computing, 2. Web Architecture & Framework Development, 3. User Interface Design, 4. Mobile Development, 5. Network & Information security, 6. SEO/SEM

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  • Augustus S Azariah

    Associate Director- HR, IBM

    Shared his "Expectations from IT Staffing Companies"

    1. IT staffing companies should be able to anticipate the skill requirements based on the technical advancements happening around. 2. IT staffing companies must come up with the innovative business models to support their clients.

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  • Rajesh Balaji

    Head - HR , Learning, Corporate Affairs, Barclays Shared Services

    Shared his views on "Temporary Staffing"

    He said temp staffing starts at home front in the disguise of home servant or maids etc. This is the exact mentality that’s carried forward in even larger companies where in there’s a divide between permanent and temp staffs.

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  • Chaitanya N Sreenivas

    Director HR - GTS Delivery & India Area North- IBM

    Shared his views on "How Flexi Staffing is coming as a benefit to IBM?"

    IBM recognizes that its employees are key to its business success. It commits to creating a workplace culture and environment in which employees balance work and personal priorities,

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  • Sujitesh Das

    Vice President - Strategic Human Resources- Microland Limited

    Shared his views on "What are 3 important things you are looking from flexi staffing employees?"

    1. Clean background verification reports, 2. Decent communication skills 3. Alignment with organizational values

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  • Raghavendra K

    Sr VP & Global Head – HR, Infosys BPO

    Shared his views on "Flexi Staffing Industry"

    Flexible staffing helps companies add to the workforce selectively and in specific areas. The primary reason that drives temporary staffing is that organizations today want to focus on their core business and hence want to outsource all activities that are not directly related to their business.

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  • Srinivas Reddy

    Director-HR MetLife

    Shared his views on "What are the parameters on which you select you staffing partner?"

    There are 2 parameters that we access, first we expect our partner to anticipate market / talent trends - have sensing agility

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  • Mayur Taday

    Dy.COO Innovsource

    Shared his views on "What are the critical reforms that are required to make ‘Staffing’ a choice of employment?"

    More & more businesses will turn to flexi staffing & by 2020 it will be the source from where most businesses will get their manpower supply.

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