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  • CLRA amendments

    1.Indian Staffing Federation with persistent efforts with Ministry of Labor & Employment(Central) has been able to move the CLRA Amendment on National License for staffing industry into parliamentary process; post discussion with Trade Unions and Employers’

    2.Indian Staffing Federation working on the 4th Labor Code of Occupational,
    Health and Safety for inclusion of current CLRA Amendment

  • Ministry of Labor & Employment (Central)

    1.Amendments to bring Online Maintenance of Registers under 9 Labour Laws (Central Sphere) and launched Unified Annual Return Report, with the involvement of Indian Staffing Federation

    2.Initiating amends in Tripartite group formation to bring Indian Staffing Federation into formal discussions

  • Involving States – Ministry of Labour from Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Delhi and Maharashtra in discussion for supporting organised staffing

    The big change as advocated by ISF is to bring a ‘ease of business’ by organised flexi staffing industry in discussion with state labour ministeries. Among other recommendations being pursued actively are the online acknowledgement of licenses, which is currently granted offline. The state Ministry of Labor departments however, want to take small steps initially. Discussion with Maharashtra, Delhi, Telangana and Tamil Nadu yet to materialise into actions.

  • ISF partnered with Association of Infrastructure Industry (India) to bring recognition to employment in the Infra sector through combined activities

    Association of Infrastructure Industry, India (AII India) is a fledgling national body for stakeholders in the infrastructure industry space and aims to represent the industry on all forums. Incorporated in February 2017, as a Trust, the AII India seeks to act as a nodal and premier body that not only brings together the various stakeholders, but also aims to provide quality inputs to both governments as well as the industry thereby facilitating infrastructure growth of the country.

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