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   1. What are the critical reforms that are required to make ‘Staffing’ a choice of employment?

    More & more businesses will turn to flexi staffing & by 2020 it will be the source from where most businesses will get their manpower supply. There are so many external factors influencing the growth of Staffing Industry. Statutory Compliances is one such big factor. Compliance issues such as maintaining minimum wages, sexual harassment, tax issues, insurance, provident fund can be pushed down to the Staffing Company. A clear distinction of these responsibilities of the Staffing Company & employer will open up new opportunities for staffing companies to essentially take over the headache & manage full range of flexi staffing.

Another major issue is that an appropriate & balanced framework is required. Currently, the Indian legal environment is cluttered with too many labour laws giving rise to ambiguity & overlapping. The burdensome labour regulation with about 47 union laws & 157 state legislations is archaic & has become extremely restrictive. This complex arrangement has given rise to unorganized players. The unorganized sector of workforce has roughly 400million employees make up 93% of the unorganized workforce. Through non-compliance of labour laws unorganized players get an undue advantage & put them in far better position than organized players.

The other legal issues are that the Indian legal system is still not well versed with three-party arrangements, improper employee identification where temp employees demand equal rights and privileges as permanent employees.

  2. What are the benefits for a corporate to work with an organised staffing company?

Temp workforce is an excellent solution to meeting the uncertainty in business. With the help of staffing agencies employers can flexibly increase and decrease staff in response to fluctuations in the economy. It is easier to scale up businesses with the help of Staffing agencies.

Staffing companies have a larger network of available associates than many employers. Employers looking to hire seasonal associates, for example, would need to advertise job openings; interview candidates and process new hire documentation for a relatively short period of employment. Staffing companies, on the other hand, may have relationships with associates they’ve already identified as dependable, reliable and conscientious and who can fill a vacancy in a matter of days, or even hours.

More & more companies, along with outsourcing manpower, are also outsourcing HR administrative component to the Staffing companies. This will let businesses focus on their core competencies without getting into administrative hassles of HR.

  3. What role does staffing companies play for creating opportunities and protect jobseekers?

Staffing firms have access to a wide array of jobs that are not available through traditional job searches, thereby expanding the options for candidates. Staffing firms take the work out for candidates liking finding a job, selecting from array of profiles, salary negotiation, etc and do the recruiting for them. Candidates are exposed to a variety of opportunities throughout numerous companies through staffing companies. Candidates can decide what types of jobs fit their needs best and can arrange their work schedule to adequately reflect their requirements.

Also by the virtue of Staffing agencies, temp employee are eligible for all statutory benefits like PF, ESIC, Insurance, Bonus, etc. Many times, part-time or temporary employees do not receive insurance benefits. Employment through staffing agencies provides the perfect opportunity for employers to give employees a to prove their mettle before making taking them on permanent role. In addition, temporary positions allow employees the opportunity to get access to a desirable company and get a feel of the company before making the commitment to a permanent position.

Staffing agencies propagate diversity and inclusion at workplace. Over the past few years women have sort to Staffing agencies to find the right kind of jobs for them. Diversity is a broad term that extends beyond race and gender; it can refer to people with disabilities, veterans, and people of different generations. Staffing agencies are well versed and informed of the benefits that companies and candidates receive by hiring diverse workforce. Staffing agencies have started educating their clients of these benefits. Hence, staffing companies play a larger role in regulating statutory compliances and getting jobs to candidates instead of the traditional way of candidates searching for jobs.

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