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Tech Jobs & Hot Skill Trends @ COVID – India IT

The Year 2020 began with bets on the Top Thriving IT Skills as those from the niche technology clusters related to Data Science, AI, IoT and Blockchain. At the start of the year there were a little over 60K active job openings in the market just for the top IT skills namely Data Analytics, AWS, Data Science, AI/ML/NLP, Cyber Security, Data Visualization, IoT and Blockchain. With job openings available across entry, mid & senior levels, the annual remuneration in offering ranged from 3Lakhs for starters and all the way upto 1Cr+ for niche and experienced talent. There were over 130 senior openings in AI, Data Science, AWS, Analytics and Cybersecurity that were in the 1Cr+ group. On the other end of the spectrum, the entry level talent in these skillsets also had about 4500 openings they could go to. On the whole, the year seemed to be all set for a high ride for these Specialist Skillsets in IT… till COVID hit.

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