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How to be prepared with time to thrive yourself ?

The words sound familiar to the staffing Industry as the moment today is to understand the Human Capital Trends and align oneself to make use of the opportunities. The upheaval in the economic and social arena marked a dismal time for the organizations and a lot of tenacity was needed to remain competitive, rebuild, relearn, remodify to adapt to the changes, whether favourable or non-favourable.

Learning has taken place that the unknown future has to be faced with preparedness and not only the methods, technology, structuring but the human capital also have to be evolved to rise up to the strange challenges.

The shift is needed in Strategies that would be playing a major role in extending the multifaceted support to the workforce. The collection of the workforce at one stop is not the outcome one can expect anymore as remote working has become a preference to most of the employees who see more productivity and enterprise by being close to home and family.

The human capital is now looking at skilling and upskilling as a passion to not only have monetary value but as a stabilizing platform.

An innate satisfaction is the achievement and purpose of the modern-day employee who is adjusting to new technological innovations so that the end result is adding value to the organization and credit are shared.

The staffing Industry has the enriched role of a ‘Pacer’ who will collaborate well with the organization’s business models and expectations to restructure the methods to understand, assess and alleviate the presence of the right employee for a longer duration. A lot of efforts will go to make the organizations achieve their goals of higher economic standards and human values.

Another pivotal role to be played is of a ‘Catalyst’ whereby the workforce is no longer having boundaries, the global factor has embedded very well in recent times. The biggest change seen in the organization is Diversity and Inclusion. The staffing industry will have to appraise the coming workforce about this fact and social intelligence is gaining roots.

The challenges faced have opened up a new role and that is of ‘Safety Guard’. We are well guarded by optical illusions and devices but the utmost safety everyone needs are Psychological and Human.

A lot of sensitization has to be extended to the workforce on these aspects so that the organizations are satisfied and do not have to face a vacuum.

We can see a revolution in the working pattern of the Staffing Industry as expectations have built up and there are lots to deliver.

Neena S Sharma, Proprietor at Synergy Consultants

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