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Which would be the growing industries and skills to look out for in the coming Quarter?



The skills we need, and the ones we have, change constantly. Because things change constantly. Some skills decay in value while others grow, and new ones emerge. COVID-19 has changed everything. Many of the organizations that survive, emerge, and thrive will be different than they were before all the unpleasantness. Their workforces will have to be, too.

In demand skills:

Advance IT & programming

Leadership & management

Communication & negotiation

Entrepreneurship & initiative-taking

Project management


Advance data analysis

Critical thinking & decision making

Adaptability & continuous learning

Technology design & engineering

The risk of obsolete skills is acutely felt by workers in consumer & retail sector, 42% believe that their skills will be obsolete within 5 years.

The fear of obsoletion is making the workforce feel vulnerable leading to job stress.

In India 33% of workforce strongly agrees that if the employer does not invest in skill development then they are more likely to leave the job

Just merely having these skills is not important enough. It is as important for an individual to keep upgrading skills to remain relevant to the ever-changing world of work.

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