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Silver lining: Amid layoffs, edtech and healthcare cos look to hire fresh talent

Date: 2020-04-25 Author: Lohit Bhatia, President, Indian Staffing Federation

Chennai: Companies witnessing a business swell due to Covid, be it edu tech or healthcare startups, are going a step further and recruiting more hands to meet the demand.

Common roles include tech and content development, to propel the marketing for the companies that are looking to capitalise on the increase in demand. The demand is high in edtech, OTT and gaming that seehigh uptake since staying at home became the norm.

Fintech firms are trying to make the most of the jump into digital payments. Raj N Phani, founder and chairman of Zaggle, a payments company with 100 employees, said it will hire over 65 employees by July. While, XPay.Life, which facilitates digital bill payment service, has started the hiring process for 50-100 people its CEO Rohit Kumar said.

Telemedicine portal iCliniq which currently has 30 employees is looking to add another 70. “The company has an urgent need for engineers. Choosing them is a difficult task, because a lot of them have been recently laid off and checking their mettle is a challenge,” said Dhruv Suyamprakash, CEO, iCliniq.

Telemedicine saw a sudden jump in people signing up for online doctor consultations. Some of the apps also forged corporate partnerships, pulling up the need for tech and sales roles. Staffing firms add that the sectors that are hiring currently are the healthcare vertical, pharma companies, besides the employers which are categorized in essential services. “We feel with the gradual opening up currently with manufacturing opening up in Non-containment zones) and IT / ITES upto 50%, the hiring will be gradual,” said Lohit Bhatia, president, Indian Staffing Federation.

Edtech company upGrad will recruit 30-50 people for its tech and content strategist roles by this quarter.

“We are already hiring and would need more in the second half of April,” said Mayank Kumar, CEO, upGrad. “For engineers, an experience of 2+ years is ideal and for mid-level non tech roles 4 years is the bar and for architects we are looking at those with 10+ years of industry experience,” said Saurya Sinha, co-founder, Recko, a fin tech firm.

(As originally appeared in Times of India – https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/silver-lining-amid-layoffs-edtech-and-healthcare-cos-look-to-hire-fresh-talent/articleshow/75362316.cms)

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