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Post COVID-19: A new dawn of digital technology

Mehul Shah

IT industry, since its very beginning, has been dependent on continuous disruption for constant growth. Covid 19 has been the catalyst for digital transformation and will help to expedite the development of certain technologies, especially the ones that reduce physical contact, automate processes and increase productivity during these times of social distancing. This pandemic has left long term impacts on the technology sector starting from raw material supply to electronics value chain and higher inflationary risk on products.

While world was looking forward to an era of innovation backed by Artificial Intelligence, Analytics and Machine Learning, the COVID pandemic brought a drastic shift in the world. Today, if we see, every industry is moving towards a IT backed environment to reduce the impact of this tragedy. Be it FMCG, Logistics, Travel, Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing or Technology, every industry suffered as no one was ready for such a phase of events. However, this also turned out to be a phase for further disruptions as we saw a vertical spike in innovation across industries to tackle the effects of this pandemic. Be it Digital Payment Space, Healthcare, Robotics and many more such domains where major innovation were done just to incorporate and sustain contactless service.

If we look at overall IT industry at this point of time, real-time adoption of Digital Technology is going to increase and we will witness a new dawn of digital technology post this pandemic. We are going to witness the next phase of disruption in digital technology with more intelligent interfaces and with smart cognitive capabilities bringing in a new era of innovation, which is need of the hour. The assistance of digital intelligent solutions by optimizing automation initiatives is going to be imperative for the future.

Technologies like deep learning and 3D imaging are going to be vital in the post Covid era for businesses. We will see a spike in virtualization with world shifting mindset of remote operations. All of this in return will definitely bring in a shift in industries mindset of long term planning. Terms like Software Robots and Cognitive Bots are already making rounds in the world of digitalization where we certainly will witness rule based tasks being undertaken by digital robots (smart programs and bots). All these industry disrupting digital transformative innovations are going to help in building a grander and self-evolving ecosystem of business across domains and majorly in Logistics, EduTech, Healthcare, Virtualization, Telecom (5G Technology and Beyond), Gaming.

If we look at all such advancement, it won’t be possible without right talent to enable such innovations. With staffing industry, there lies a larger responsibility to ensure right talent management solution is provided. With a larger focus on learning based solution, staffing companies can bring in a lot of value. Programs like HTD and Managed Capacity can help larger organizations reach their goals without burning holes in their pockets. Moreover, with current ratio of higher demand and less supply of talent on disruptive technologies, a training based hiring solution can be an ideal offering of a staffing organization. Under it, a batch of quality engineering graduates are hired and then trained on technologies like Analytics, RPA, Cloud, AI, IOT and then pods called as HiPo Solution Pod (Which will include trained professionals with mix and match disruptive skills) are offered to customers and these teams will act as horizontals across an organization helping different units to achieve goals with their expertise on such skills.

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