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   1. How do you see the flexi staffing supporting industry growth in 2016?
  • Flexi-Staffing will definitely witness & contribute towards tremendous growth in the Retail / e-Commerce sector. However, in the IT industry, the impact will not be that high. The type of profiles that one needs in the IT sector currently, cannot be fulfilled by the existing supply in the Flexi-Staffing pool … primary reasons being the gap in skill levels, discrepancies in education / professional data, lack of communication skills. The customers, too aren’t very comfortable to have their data being exposed to individuals who aren’t full time employees of their vendors – confidentiality of data becomes a big security concern for most. Additionally, there is usually no growth path for temporary staff in the organization, and hence, attrition is high in this segment.
2. What are 3 important things you are looking from flexi staffing employees?
  • Clean background verification reports
  • Decent communication skills
  • Alignment with organizational values
  • Today, the above are also the top 3 issues with Flexi-Staff.
3. How is Flexi Staffing bringing a new dimension to the workforce planning in your industry?
    Flexi-Staffing ensures quick joiners, resulting in immediate billing, and hence is an important sourcing bucket for fulfillment. They are also available at relatively cheaper costs. This is definitely a good option for staffing small duration projects, that involve skills that aren’t required elsewhere in the organization. These people exit the organization, post project completion and and is a win-win for both.
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