August-2020 Forward to a Friend

Farhan Azmi
Vice President
Indian Staffing Federation
(Founder, MD, Futruz Staffing Services)
  How Unlock 4.0 Boost the Hiring Process of Temporary Jobs in India in this Pandemic?

Contractual workers were the first ones to suffer tremendously when the economic downturn occurred due to the pandemic. So, when temporary job seekers fear that the recession could substantially affect the hiring process of temporary jobs, the concern is entirely justified.

However, with the onset of Unlock 4.0, temporary employment has been steadily carving its way into the economy. This considerable surge is possibly due to the unavoidable outcome of the losses incurred by businesses during the lockdown. To be specific, businesses are increasingly adopting a seasonal hiring process and there are a few reasons for this:

  • Companies will look for more performance-based roles rather than hiring full-time.
  • Businesses want to rule out overhead costs and aim for more promising fulfilment of roles.
  • Businesses are aiming to scale maximum growth and productivity to reclaim their lost business hours.
  • With this taken into consideration, the sectors that temporary or contractual job seekers must be on the lookout for are manufacturing, e-commerce, logistics, EXIM and IT. Among these, some indeed flourished considerably during the lockdown and will continue to do so. However, there are sectors like e-commerce and IT that are estimating a substantial growth post-lockdown.

    India’s IT sector is not behind in reclaiming their position in the economy with Unlock 4.0. With such an unprecedented situation like the COVID-19 crisis befalling on businesses, digital transformation is the need of the hour. IT firms are thus willing to reform goals for digital transformation that can reward businesses with ways to deal with such unforeseen crises. As a result, more contractual positions will be created to reinvent technologies and software at the earliest.

    Growth is inevitable for other sectors too, including EXIM and manufacturing. These sectors are set for a vigorous restart and are opening up many opportunities in temporary jobs. I believe that the economy will once again witness a swelling tide and this time contractual hiring will be the anchor.

    One interesting outcome of the crisis is a heightened awareness of BCP and the role that temporary and contingent workers can play in ensuring that organizations are future-proof.  The ‘Aatmanirbhar’ initiatives have provided exciting possibilities for domains like engineering, technology, and beyond.

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