April-2020 Forward to a Friend

R.P. Yadav
Board Member
Indian Staffing Federation

(Chairman & MD, Genius Consultants)
    Future of staffing and its impact in 2020 (including the time of Covid19)

We were all were very busy during last week of February and middle of March to prepare the plan budget for the year 2020-21. It was thought that 2020-21 will be a far better world comparing to 2018-19 and 2019-20 which were sluggish. But as we all know the outbreak of COVID-19 started from Wuhan in china spread into Europe and America and finally it came to India. After this one after another pandemic situation started coming to the people and to the companies.

Right now we have a complete lockdown all over India. Most of the companies which are service industry, IT are working from the home. Only the essential services are open and production is almost closed, there is going to be effect on the same and that will also affect the staffing companies.

There will be certain industry where the demand of staffing will pick up like – Retail company, all the companies which is involved into delivery of the essential items to the home and to people. These are the companies where staffing needs already has picked up the pace at the moment and will continue to have a momentum during 2020-21,the demand of staffing will go down as a whole economy will be negatively sloped because once the production opens, once the offices opens it will take about 30-90 days to settle, as most of the workers have already migrated to their hometown, again to bring them back and maintain the same optimum efficiency level there is a time lag involved. The complete full-fledged production or the economy and the business will take some time to stabilize, so I personally feel that staffing will also get a hit with the extent of 15 to 20 % during 2020-21.

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