April-2020 Forward to a Friend

Farhan Azmi
Vice President
Indian Staffing Federation

(Founder & MD, Futurz Staffing Solutions PL)
    Future of staffing and its impact in 2020 (including the time of Covid19)

We are currently facing one of the most massive pandemics of all time. The talks of a recession hitting the market hard have already begun and people fear tomorrow. But I believe that you cannot base the failure of tomorrow on the problems of today. Given my experience in the staffing industry thanks to my company Futurz and my long-standing membership with the ISF, I have a far more positive outlook for the times to come.

I do not deny that different industries are currently facing challenges, but it's not consistent for all. Considering the nature of the Covid19 virus, industries such as entertainment, aviation, and tourism are facing a direct impact. However, many industries are still continuing to work in normalcy, such as e-commerce, EXIM, shipping, logistics, etc. The e-commerce industry has, in fact, seen a rise in the hiring of staff, as it has found an increased role in catering to the essential services of the nation.

I have a very optimistic view of what lies ahead of us, even though the times are tough for the nation right now. In my opinion, the predicted recession is not going to be like any of the other recessions we have faced before. All the recessions we have been through so far were rooted in financial and economic issues. However, this time around, it’s the result of a pandemic. Reviving from such a recession will be much easier. It may take a quarter or two but the economy will definitely bounce back.

As the Vice President of the ISF, my vision for staffing in such times is to continue on a positive outlook. We will work with the government to ease the labour norms, national licensing, ESIC norms, and PF norms for the employees in the staffing module. Which nation, which industry, which government does not face problems? We will definitely be able to climb out of this if we think practically about the situation at hand and stay optimistic about what's in our control.

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