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   1. What are the key challenges of a corporate that a Flexi Staffing company¬†can fill gaps to compliment the growth of an organisation?

    Flexi staffing is a boon to corporates, as it enables them to adapt to seasonal, structural and cyclical changes in the labour market. Compliances, Flexibility and cost saving are the strongest areas where organizations benefit with staffing partners. Since, the flexi staffing companies are directly handling the compliances of their staff, the burden on the organization reduces manifold. A flexible staffing strategy helps the organization to only employ staff for the period they are actually required and by this it helps in converting some of the fixed manpower costs into variable. In addition costs incurred in hiring and training are also reduced to a great extent.

  2. What are the key benefits of working with a staffing partner?

A good staffing partner can play a strategic part in the overall business of an organization. A Flexi Staff must have the individuals who have the attitude and aptitude to deliver the results with a high degree of responsiveness and agility, as these are required by the organization to achieve their business objectives. Since, the necessity for such a staff occurs as per requirement and usually at a short notice, a pre-trained and multi-skilled workforce can help a great deal in supporting the HR function and the business as a whole.

  3. How is Flexi Staffing bringing a new dimension to the workforce planning in your industry/Orgn?

The two most significant areas where Flexi Staffing is augmenting an organization like DS Group is in Sales and Production. In an FMCG industry if you talk about seasonal products (products having seasonal ingredients or seasonal consumption patterns), the requirement of ground level sales staff increases significantly in a particular season, while it may be much lesser in the off-season. Similarly, a flexi production workforce is required to meet the continuously changing market demands. It goes a long way in ensuring an uninterrupted, and at the same time optimum, supply of our products.

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