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   What factors will be driving growth for IT staffing in 2019?

    As the current government accelerates its agenda of job creation by bringing in foreign investments, staffing companies will step in to facilitate this process. Given the boast being offered to the manufacturing sector by the government with initiatives like “Make in India”, hiring numbers across the board are bound to go up. Recent instances of retrenchment within the IT sector has made flexi staffing a favourable option for IT companies. Companies want staffing partners that have the ability to ramp up or ramp down quickly.
    Additionally, more and more candidates are demanding flexibility or the option of working from home.

This option is easier to provide in case of temp staff who can work from the comfort of their home while saving real estate cost for the client. Easy access to internet and communication systems has made this possible.
Another important factor that continues to drive growth for IT staffing companies is that many clients realise that with temp staffing they can create a global footprint without having overseas facilities. The need for IT flexi/temp staffing is bound to grow in 2019 opening up the opportunity for staffing cos. to become a true workforce partner and not just a vendor for its clients.

  2. What are the key technology trends impacting staffing industry in 2019?

The rapidly changing technological landscape has mandated it for companies to forecast their talent demands and staffing companies are stepping in to fill the demand supply gap. There is an increased demand for candidates who are well versed in technologies like block chain, artificial intelligence, IOT, augmented reality, social media analytics, etc.

At the same time, artificial intelligence is facilitating recruitment in a big way. It is proving to be a very helpful tool in finding the right candidate who is the right fit for the job and is also helping in creating a much smoother on boarding process for candidates. Also, recruitment marketing has always been important but as SEO and social media best practices are evolving so are recruitment marketing practices.

Staffing companies are making regular use of marketing analytics to see which mediums are working for them and which are not. More sophisticated background screening technology is available by the day and staffing companies are adopting the latest technology. Better contextual searches for candidates are possible which is saving time for both the recruiters and the clients. As real time communication platforms evolve the time spent while interacting with candidates has gone down but the quality of the interaction has improved. This has been a very big blessing. Customised interviews and interactions are time saving and more informative. Also most job boards and job portals have evolved and allow multiple job postings in one go, once again saving a lot of time for recruiters and staffing companies.

  3. What are employers looking from an IT staffing partner?

An IT staffing company is more than a vendor for most companies therefore it is important for the client to feel that the staffing company’s values and belief system aligns with their own. It goes without saying that the staffing partner must be trustworthy and reliable. Also, they must be able to customise their service model in order to meet the clients’ need as an off the shelf solution will seldom exactly work. They must successfully demonstrate their ability to evolve and adapt as the market forces change. The staffing company must be able to answer any questions related to pricing, staffing metrics and the recruitment and evaluation process at any given point of time. Thus, flexibility and transparency are two of the most important facets that employers look for.

Since clients usually look at IT staffing companies to fulfil requirements when they need workforce with experience in niche technologies or to fulfil immediate requirements in case of tough deadlines, staffing partners should be able to offer the desired flexibility to companies for planning their manpower needs and help them in avoiding long term costs associated with permanent staff. Staffing partners must solidify this relationship further by focusing on values such as ownership, quick delivery time and delivery commitment while also prioritising up-scaling simultaneously. They should keep increasing their resource pool with niche skill sets and keep training resources on newer technologies. IT staffing companies that can offer an employee base with experience in block chain, mobility, cyber security, cloud technology, IOT, analytics and artificial intelligence will be in high demand from clients.

  4. How does the IT staffing industry go about developing the skills to handle the challenges of employment as the workforce goes ahead in its career?

Companies must focus on creating subject matter experts whose opinion is sought after in the industry. This will inevitably reflect back well on the company. Thought leaders are a product of the expertise and training that a company invests in them. In order to grow, IT staffing companies must invest in competency centres wherein common solutions are developed and the new skills that are acquired as a result are then spread throughout the enterprise to increase the likelihood of success of technology adoption by all employees. As a result of this employees will become self-sufficient in knowledge and expertise.

IT staffing companies must look ahead at new disruptive technologies and issues beyond the immediate focus of current projects and develop the work force accordingly. Regular and specialized training must be provided so that each employee has a clear career progression path. This is something that should be encouraged at each step. Always show talented employees that they are valued and the company cares about their growth. Skill development training must be provided constantly so that, as the existing workforce goes ahead in its career, a talent pool is ready to take their place at the beginners’ level. This is an exercise that needs to be conducted regularly.

Taking continuous feedback from clients must be made a part of the process. IT staffing companies must evolve constantly as the market changes. Companies which can do this will be the most successful ones in this growing industry.

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