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   1. How Flexi Staffing is coming as a benefit to your company?

    IBM recognizes that its employees are key to its business success. It commits to creating a workplace culture and environment in which employees balance work and personal priorities, according to their individual needs and the needs of the business.

    In today’s cross generation work force, with the availability of technology, global markets and nuclear family structure, the work-life boundaries have blurred making flexibility as a business imperative rather than a 'good-to-have'. It helps us serve our local and global clients, collaborate with global teams across various time zones. Employees benefit in times of personal emergencies where

they can attend to their personal needs and still respond to important work commitments. It also helps us enable our women talent transition back to work post maternity by giving them alternate work schedule options instead of dropping off from the workforce radar.

IBM’s flexibility work options are available to all employees at IBM. The employee can avail the option of an Individualized Work Schedule in consultation with their managers.

   2. What Skills are Needed for Information Technology Employment?

A combination of domain skills and soft skills is essential. Communication skills, Organizational skills, Problem solving, Project management, Crisis management, and customer service is of paramount importance.

   3. What skill sets does your company look for in an IT professional (Temporary Job)?

IBM is always on the look out for potential candidates who have the right combination of skills and talent. The first criteria in choosing the right candidate will always be focused on skill matching, prior work experience along with the right attitude.

The five most important leadership competencies desired in people entering the workforce today are communication skills, self-motivation, learning agility, self-awareness, and adaptability.

Domain knowledge awareness/expertise, social and cross-cultural skills are valuable too. Critical thinking, decision making, people skills, team skills, collaboration skills are more in demand than it was a decade ago keeping in mind today’s socially connected world. Our leaders are younger, hold wider responsibilities and are required to demonstrate a complex mix of social-political-cultural-tech skills.

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