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  • ISF Report- Social Media an important tool for Business Engagements

    Over 83% Corporates depend on Social Media presence and relationships to drive their decisions related to Staffing partner.

    Surprisingly, only 67% flexi staffing companies, consider Social media as an important tool to engage with their customers for driving business. A little over 17% don’t even use social media as an important marketing tool.

  • Indian Flexi Staffing Industry Research-Flexi Jobs Q1 2017

    Current study showed that Maharashtra will be country’s leading state to be generating highest number of Flexi jobs in 2017-18. Per the results of the survey conducted on ISF members, Pune, Mumbai (including its satellite towns like Thane and Navi Mumbai), Nagpur will be top 3 cities to attract jobs in Q1 2017.

  • Indian Flexi Staffing Industry Research 2016- Sectoral and State Analysis

    Current study aims to highlight on the scale and status of flexi staffing industry in India. The report has been made analytical to bring forth the growth of flexi staffing in the next 2 years across high contributing sectors and in the top states of the country. This shall help to have an understanding of the factors driving the economic and employment growth.

    Report is available at INR 999 only. To book your copy- Contact anindya@isf.org.in or purchase at: Payment Link

  • Indian Staffing Federation Short Report August 2015

    Indian flexi staffing firms are gearing up each year through their expertise to augment the market, yet it is still a nascent sector. With only 2% penetration of Flexi Staff in a diverse country like India; customer engaging tactics are few and alike

  • FLexi Staffing in Government and Public Sector

    Third year of existence with over 40 members and a flexi-worker base of nearly half a million is indeed something to be proud of for Indian Staffing Federation. Over the past decade we have provided a stepping stone, to over 5 million youth, towards a better and brighter career.

  • Indian Staffing Industry Research 2012

    The Indian Staffing Industry is standing at a very crucial juncture. With traditional contracting mired with all sorts of issues; it’s the professional staffing industry that can pave the way for a win-win solution to all the stakeholders in the labour ecosystem.

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