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   The world is yet to experience the greatest technologies!
    The world is currently experiencing the technological revolution. Global companies in various industries are changing their business processes to automation and are progressing faster than ever. Therefore, it is prudent for IT professionals to cultivate the right skills that are highly demanded by these companies.
    Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing, Resource Efficient, Sustainable Production, and Robotics will factor into the ways we currently make, manage, and mend products and deliver services. With these technologies emerging so quickly, IT job market is in the constant flux. The constant experiments in science and technology are leading towards digitisation that will help to create new innovative jobs in architectural and engineering sectors, thereby, creating high demand for advanced automated production systems. These job roles include Cognitive Computing Engineer/Machine Learning Specialist, Blockchain Engineer, GPU Cluster Engineer, Virtual Reality Engineer, Internet of things Architect, Computer Security Incident Responder, etc.
 Key Capabilities of an IT Flexi-Staffing Company?

The IT industry is currently amidst a paradigm shift where cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, analytics, cloud, and internet of things are transforming the enterprise workforce and its operations and processes. These evolving technologies demand niche skill sets and their requirement, more often than not, is immediate. IT Flexi-Staffing is a perfect fit for such a scenario as it offers the flexibility and competitive edge over others. Employees that work on a full-time basis are now kept on standby due to the emergence of "Flexi-Staffing". Flexible Staffing gives a competitive edge to the traditional staffing as it involves hiring part-time employees, contractors, or temporary employees with an advantage of fewer restrictions and legal requirements. It is expected to grow at 14-16% per annum allowing companies to adapt to this process gradually.
Organization must take into account the internal and external changes held within and outside the company. Key capabilities what an IT flexi staff company should have are:

  • An IT staffing company should be strategically help you to hire IT personnel which involves through a lot of examination of budget priorities, workloads and skill sets and requirement according to specific job roles and helps to meet your long term and short term goal and future operations.
  • They should understand the current technology trends and requirement of the IT Companies
  • Staffing companies should be aware of the organizations unique culture so that they can provide a qualitative personnel by proper screening and staffing procedures which can be a well fit in their working environment . In today’s world specialization really matters and for that they should have an extensive IT professional network
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