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    How is Flexi Staffing bringing a new dimension to the workforce planning in your
    For the IT industry , flexi planning has eased the staffing process, simply cause sourcing human resources is now more aligned to demand. As businesses need to be more responsive, as margins continue to be stressed and as disruptions seem to be the only reality, assignments vary in terms of time periods and skills required. Flexi staffing is a boon since it allows an apt response to such dynamism. It allows employers to optimize resources by funding talent for short terms opportunities, thereby reducing their bench portfolios and management costs
    From the candidates’ perspective it presents them with a wider spectrum of opportunities for more meaningful work. For women returning to work after maternity breaks, flexi staffing allows a perfect work life balance
 How Flexi Staffing is coming as a benefit to your company?
By doing away with unnecessary capacity buildup, the paramount benefit that flexi staffing brings to our Company is the ability to stay competitive. Like all industries, we too experience economic cycles. The IT industry is dynamic which makes the manpower requirement project based and sporadic. Flexi staffing allows us to meet varying activity levels and specific skills for short periods of time. It helps us get the right talent at a short notice. Most importantly, flexi staffing helps keep administrative and management costs low.
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