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About Indian Staffing Federation

Indian Staffing Federation (ISF) was set up with one common goal – Staffing India’s Growth. Staffing – an established form of outsourcing globally – is yet to be recognized and adopted as an effective means of running a business in India. With a penetration of just 2%, ISF is championing this industry, with a suitable and supporting regulation. The Staffing Industry provides a platform for recognised employment, work choice, even compensation, annual benefits and health benefits for the temporary workforce that constitutes almost 70% of India’s total workforce.
The purpose of ISF is to enhance long-term growth and ensure its continued ability to make positive contributions to the economy as well as the society through the services of the Staffing Industry. The principal focus of the Federation’s activities shall be triangular employment relationships, in which the staffing company is the employer of the temporary worker, who works under the supervision of the user company.


  • Champion sustainable growth of the Staffing Industry/ Private Employment Services

    Staffing Industry covers a meagre 2% penetration of the possible employable size in India. Of the 400m employable in India, about 10% are employed in the organised sector, and while about 250m are self-employed. This leaves almost 110m who are employed by the temp/ flexi-staffing and the unorganised sector. ISF is working towards growing this market.

  • Facilitate a suitable, legal and regulatory environment that is positive and supportive for the Staffing Industry/ Private Employment Services

    Some of the laws and regulations haven't taken Staffing industry / Private Employment Services into cognisance. The ISF expects to interact with law making authorities to recognise Staffing industry / Private Employment Services and create adequate and appropriate laws to manage it.

  • Be the authoritative voice of the Staffing / Private Employment Services Industry

    ISF is the apex body representing the Staffing industry / Private Employment Services that is authorised to discuss with government agencies and other trade bodies on behalf of the staffing industry/ private employment services. This will help easier inputs and suggestions in law making and related legislations.

  • Establish quality standards for the Staffing Industry / Private Employment services at large & a code of conduct for ISF members

    The ISF will have several members and it is important that the member companies follow a code of conduct so that both the customer and the workforce is provided with quality services, and is adequately informed. The ISF will therefore mandate a code of conduct and quality standards for the Industry.

  • Increase visibility and enhance the image of the Staffing industry / Private Employment Services & strengthen its representation

    Several companies today, are still not aware of Staffing / private employment services as a mechanism to staff their requirements. The ISF will work towards making the public/ government and the market at large aware of Staffing / private employment services as a means to effectively achieve their objectives.

  • Promote Staffing / private employment services as an effective enabler of socio-economic growth

    Staffing / private employment services is an enabler to provide social security and long term medical, and retirement benefit to temp / flexi-staff. Promoting staffing / private employment services therefore will address various issues of employment benefits being provided to employees.

  • Develop Staffing Industry / private employment services as a choice of employment

    A temp /flexi job is still sometimes considered as a taboo or not looked up favourably by our society in India. The type of the job and the temporary nature is considered equivalent to a transitive state as compared to western societies where private employment services are a way of life. Changing this orientation and promoting staffing / private employment services as a choice of employment will be an additional objective of the ISF.

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