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Flexi Staffing, outsourcing, shared service centers are the words we increasingly hear in todays context. In the past, it was under the garb of ‘contract labour’ and with greater exposure to global trends and talent fulfilment processes, the flexi-staffing option is becoming a lot more prevalent in today’s context. In the present scenario, Indian Staffing Landscape is undergoing a transformation favoring a shift towards flexible staffing. With diverse industry verticals and specific staffing needs, companies are realizing the importance of flexible hiring.

Flexible staffing helps companies add to the workforce selectively and in specific areas. The primary reason that drives temporary staffing is that organizations today want to focus on their core business and hence want to outsource all activities that are not directly related to their business.

With the current dynamic demography, the fact is that not all companies are looking to hire full-time, and not everyone can find full-time, direct employment. More and more people are choosing a contract or consulting work style. Some are seeking a better work/life balance, a limited contract length, while some choose their work projects to develop certain skills or obtain experience in various work-settings – growing their career in the process.

As Baby Boomers retire and Millennials enter the workforce in an unstable economy, contract staffing has become an attractive option for both candidates and clients. Furthermore, it also provides a valuable solution for employers. Companies can meet productivity demands without the risk of hiring full-time employees and providing costly benefits.

Temporary staffing is based on contracts between the organization and the recruitment company. Some of the advantages in temporary staffing include:

  • Reduction in administrative overheads.
  • The organization does not have liabilities associated with permanent employment.
  • The duration of the contract can be flexible.
  • Managing Uncertainty in unforeseen situations such as sick leave, maternity leave, peaks in the workload
  • Greater margins and profits

Being in the outsourcing industry ourselves, increasingly all our routine, business enabling functions are being moved to our in-house shared service centers. Where there is a requirement for a specific, high end, short term domain rich assignments, we do reach out to specific service providers for those short term assignments. Else the model continues to be out source all such routine, regular, high volume activities to our internal shared service centers.

With newer business models and the concept of ‘tour of duty’ coming in, there would be a lot more push towards flexi staffing.

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