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   1. What are the critical reforms that are required to make ‘Staffing’ a choice of employment?

    To my mind this situation will take a little longer time. We need to be matured enough to appreciate the concept. There are numerous challenges in understanding Staffing requirements as well as developing skill and attitudes with the population willing to and looking for employment opportunities. Last more than 20 years Local ‘Contractors’, not so organised, not so professional, yet have been there but only to provide unskilled labour and manage their union issues. Due to apathy or ignoring of enforcement, the statutory compliance have always been overlooked or compromised. And with limitations of powers and old labour laws not changed with time, enforcement machineries are viewing it with Nelson’s Eye.

Hence the Owners or Management of Manufacturing and to some extent even service sector industries have today substantial portion of staffing, managed by these local contractors. Having many advantages and with minimal risk factors, Employers too happily prefer them.
If you look at the statistics, about 30% employment comes from Manufacturing. ‘Staffing ‘ has been a Choice of employment. Major share is going to unorganised players. What is expected of organised (Professional) players is to train their Interface Managers to deal with immediate supervison and control and deal with Industrial Relations issues. Here, if some critical provisions ‘The Industrial Disputes Act, 1947’ & ‘The Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act, 1946’ are amended, as it is in offing, it could become easier for the Employers to prefer Professional Staffing route to meet their manpower requirement.
Now, let us look at the Service Sector which employs about 49% of today’s workforce. Predominantly they prefer ‘Felxi Staffing’ route but with caution. Some do not want to come under CLRA and thus they are keeping the workforce below the threshold limit. Those who cannot do it due to their business compulsions, they ensure ROBUST Labour Law Audit Mechanism. Major tasks of these audit companies, aim to point out Non Compliance, which would cause low & least impact to core business activities. I hope the upcoming 4 Labour Codes would eradicate some of these provisions. Which are awaited expectations of Industry captains and corporate groups.
Lastly, balance 20+ % of workforce is traditionally employed in agriculture and basic supporting sector in rural areas. Here everyone knows the situation, mostly self-employed and staffing with most neglected working conditions, inadequate pay and no social security. The farmers alone cannot be blamed because they don’t get assured price to the crop and also middle men exploits them. Therefore, if government is serious of uplifting this class of workforce, focus on Agriculture sector with different vision should be utmost priority and It has to be treated as special sector beyond Labour reforms. Till then ‘Staffing’ as a choice of employment will not happen.

  2. What role does staffing play in helping Nation building?

Building Easy Access for Employment Generation is the first thing that strikes to me. Helping youth to enter manufacturing and service sector to shape their career. They get counselling, guidance to choose their career opportunities. Staffing companies enable them to think of their preferred career fields. Staffing companies play role of a Consultant / Counsellor / Guide to these youth. The statutory bodies like employment exchanges have miserably failed due to Redtapism approach. Besides, employment generations, ensuring social security through the statutory contributions towards PF /ESI / Gratuity / Paid Leave / Accident Insurance etc. are extended being in employment. It uplifts their moral, status and confidence. It is because of Compliant Outlook of Professional Staffing Companies, payment of statutory dues such as GST, TDS, PT which Staffing companies contribute exchequer is great service to Government. Exact data in this regard is not readily available, yet the facts are vital and staffing Companies play a very pivotal role in this regard.

  3. BENEFITS of choosing temporary or contract work over permanent job?

Today’s youth is always looking for bigger challenges and are in dilemma to choose the right career. Techno Commercial and working pattern influence them to hop the jobs. Staffing companies help them to change and take up the suitable career. Besides, when they decide to move out or shift jobs, as personal or forced choice, these staffing companies offer various options to choose from. The concept of Permanent Employment is fast changing and up to some age gathering or building wealth for self-influences choosing temp job. Despite the facts as stated here, permannat jobs are not available for junior to middle level.

  4. What kind of pay and benefits do temporary employees receive?

There is a wafer thin line today in terms of compensation between Temporary employees as against Permanent employees. The staffing companies ensure that all statutory benefits like Leaves, Compensatory offs, Festival holidays, 5 days working, PF, ESI, Gratuity pay-outs, private insurance to employee as well as his family, company canteen, transport, attire allowance. You name it, and that is provided by staffing companies. In fact, Professional Staffing companies does not negotiates on these aspects with their clients. Just and fair annual appraisals , assessments are done very strictly in most of the cases. Job rotation, Job enrichment , Promotions and Transfers are supported by staffing companies. Staffing companies can play a role of ‘Real Partner in Progress’ to the employer , provided they are engaged well.

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