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   1. What role does staffing play in helping Nation building?

    In a country like India, where getting sustainable job is a challenge, staffing companies’ bridges this gap by providing meaningful and sustainable employment for millions every year thereby, contributing to society & the nation The creation of jobs has been a point of contention and in the recent few months, many have questioned the ability of the formal sector to absorb the growing numbers of the working population. Talent acquisition is not easy in India as employers are not able to fulfil their staffing requirements effectively, even with the assistance of staffing companies. There is a mismatch, in varied aspects, two such primary mismatches – lack of interests and shortage of skills. Hence finding the right talent and finding them quick, underlines the need for a quality staffing partner which can help organisations get business critical talent in a short span of time.

  2. What are the benefits of temporary or contract work/employment?

Organisations are at liberty to hire the ‘best’ talent in the market who might be difficult to maintain on payrolls because of their cost and other demands. Even from the perspective of associates, gig economy helps in balancing work-life. Contractual work is a win-win for both workers and organisations. It helps both select the best job and best worker without attaching any strings.

Benefits to employers- Organizations that hire people on contract to work for them have a different pay scale for them than the direct employees they hire. Primary benefit of hiring contractual staff for employers is reduced costs of hiring and on-boarding of new talent; access to a wider pool of skilled talent, thereby, saving cost for the organisation. Other key advantages contractual type of recruitment are: ability to scale up quickly to meet volatile market demands, increased flexibility, independence from administrative tasks around employment like pay roll management, employee engagement, training etc.

Benefits to associates- Associates have the advantage of working with various industries, and as a result, learn while they work. This sort of broad experience can strengthen their career and help them establish a large professional network. Most important benefit of contractual job for the associates is the flexibility that it offers. The associates choose when where and what kind of work they would like to take up.

Industry reports claim that temporary staffs will account for about 10% of India’s formal sector employment by 2025. This is next to just China and the US.

  3. What kind of pay and benefits do temporary employees receive?

Usually the pay scale of temporary employees varies from the skills they possess and the sector they are working with. An associate working on a temporary contract on an IT project will certainly have higher salary then an associate working for retail or any other sector. Apart from the regular salary, the temporary employees are also entitled for all other statutory benefits like PF, ESI, health insurance benefits for family, etc. Many staffing organisation also take great efforts in training their associates in various areas to enhance their skills and make them job- ready. This again benefits the employers as they get readily trained staff at their disposal within a short period of time.

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